What is machine learning

Machine learning is a field of study of artificial intelligence. ML develops algorithms capable of learning from experience and data observation. This allows the computer to learn independently, without being explicitly programmed.

How machine learning works

A machine learning algorithm analyzes a data set (training dataset) to search for a statistical model capable of solving a practical problem, making a decision, classifying objects or predicting the future trend of a phenomenon.

the functioning of machine learning

What are the machine learning techniques

There are different types of machine learning

  • Supervised learning
    The algorithm learns from a dataset containing examples with solutions.
  • Semi-supervised learning
    The algorithm learns from a dataset containing both solved and unresolved examples.
  • Unsupervised Learning
    The algorithm analyzes a dataset containing unlabeled (unresolved) examples to look for patterns or recurring relationships between data (patterns).
  • Reinforcement Learning
    The algorithm learns from experience through a reward function that rewards effective actions and penalizes ineffective actions. Learn from mistakes.

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Machine Learning (ML)